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Five Star Property Services & Maintenance LLC is s very wise choice for your restoration project to have your property as good and beautiful as possible. We have been doing restoration work for many years and we deal with many of the major yards for the best matching of building and restoration materials.

We provide full restoration service for any water, fire or storm damages.

Water damage is a major contributor to loss of property. It includes a large number of possible losses caused by water intruding where it will enable the attack of a home or property materials by destructive processes such as rotting of wood, growth, rusting of steel and de-laminating of materials.

The damage may be imperceptibly slow and minor that could eventually mar a surface or it may be instantaneous and catastrophic such as sum pump failure or flooding caused by nature such as heavy rainfall.

While a common cause of residential water damage is often the failure of a sump pump, many homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover the associated costs without an addendum in addition to the Sewer and Drain Coverage which adds to the monthly premium of the policy, so you have to make sure that your home insurance policy has that so you will be covered in case such damage occurs to your home.

As for homeowners who are affected by wide scale flooding, they may also have the ability to apply for government and FEMA grants through the Individual Assistance program.


As for storm damage restoration, it is the restoring of a building damaged from a severe storm. There are many kinds of damage, such as strong wind gusts or hail, large amounts of rainfall and lightning strikes, as well as extreme storms such as tornadoes and hurricanes.


The majority of storm damage occurs on roofs, sides of structures, and in basements, but over time causes damage to the interior too.

Please contact us at: 248-701-3070 for a free estimate!

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