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Professional Interior Painting


Five Star Property Repairs provides professional exterior and interior painting.

We respect the laws regarding the lead painting and our company is fully licensed and insured to perform any kind of restoration and paint for your residential or commercial building. We want to make sure that the place you are painting is 100% clear of any hazards. Our work with our painting supplies is to bring to your house smile and happiness.

When it comes to custom paint jobs, it's always advisable to hire a professional contractor. Here at Five Star Property Repairs, our paint team members are well trained to work on any unique project.

In fact, when it comes to any interior home painting, professional, trained painters are well-equipped with experience needed to know how to deal with neat taping, trim work, baseboards and any other specific situation during each and every step of the job.

We always like to share with our customers some tips when choosing the best colors for their interior paint job. Unlike dark colors, light color walls open up a space, they can be neutral and modern, yet light color walls lack a personal touch plus they quickly reveal any imperfection and need be cleaned more frequent.

You always want your home to feel good and homey, so you would need to give your walls a personal touch of colors. Selection process of paint colors might be hard, what color works best for which wall? What color works better with this or that color? How much would this room paint cost? etc..


It is always advisable to keep color matching in mind while choosing colors that looks appealing to you, and remember your furniture and any decoration color so your walls paint shades be in harmony with what you have in the room.

Each room is set to be used for a different purpose, so make sure you choose the right color for each of your home rooms, a living room needs to be welcoming, a kitchen needs to look clean and fresh, a home library room needs to be calm, and a bedroom needs to be cozy.. Room wall colors have a lot to give for the purpose of the room.

After homeowners get their paint swatches, we help them with sharing ideas to choose paint colors and make a final creative selection.


Unique and custom paint jobs have become quite popular and can really make a room look even classier.

Among creative options you may want to consider are accent walls, you can paint one of the walls with a contrasting shade while painting the rest of the walls with less bold shade.

If you plan to have your home painted, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Call us for your free estimate on your painting project at 248-701-3070!

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